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About Community Service Help

CA Community Service was designed to make available to all offenders an option to avoid the punitive nature of traditional community service by giving them a way to improve themselves and save money at the same time. This self improvement is designed to benefit the offender and end with the result of their having a lower likelihood of re-entering the court system.

While this program was first made available to those that could not actively participate in a traditional community service program due to physical handicap, military service, or rural accessibility it quickly transformed into a positive program that was made available to every offender that would rather benefit from self improvement and spend more time with their families than perform community service away from their families. This program also became a positive alternative to all people that are having trouble with being able to afford missing work or making it to and from a community service organization.

This entire program has at its core that through education we can reach those that have not been reached before and help them make positive changes in their lives so that they will be able to avoid re-entry into the court system. Giving these individuals a second chance when they oftentimes feel that they have been pushed off to the side of mainstream society and helping them get beyond the feeling that society is only interested in punishing them and not helping. This program can permeate the walls that many offenders have put up as a defense mechanism against a society that can appear to them as being more interested in their punishment than rehabilitation.

Community Service California is helping these at risk individuals help themselves through education, empowerment, and showing them a route to a better life. Making this available to those that are already in the criminal justice system will give these individuals a glimmer of hope and possibly transform their lives, which in turn makes a tremendous difference within the surrounding communities.

We Will Save You Money

The difficult part of most community service programs is the incredible financial burden it places on the participant. These days the cost of gas for your car in order to drive back and forth is not cheap and add to that the lost time from work and childcare and you can easily find yourself spending thousands of dollars, just to complete your service. But with California community service you can save all of the extra expense and not waste any time by doing everything from home on your computer. This program saves the average user over sixteen hundred dollars and reduces the burden on them tremendously.

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